We believe knowledge is the key to harmonious community living.

We agree that strata can be complicated (also known as Body Corporate and Owners Corporation). The fact that it’s called three different things across four different states is a great example of why it can be so complicated.

What makes strata truly unique is its diversity. Living in strata communities across the country are diverse groups of people from many walks of life, different cultures and nationalities, age groups, families, couples and singles, retirees. The common thread is they are all property owners with varying levels of understanding how to make the most from their investment or their experience whilst living in strata.

That’s where we believe we can make a difference by building smarter communities.

We believe it is critical that we keep our audience informed, educated, and inspired on all things that impact them as strata property owners.

To help realise this vision, we have partnered with some of the industry’s leading specialists to create a FREE education resource designed to grow knowledge and understanding in the market.