FAQs & Knowledge

FAQs & Knowledge

We believe it is critical to keep you informed, educated and inspired about all the things that impact you as owners.
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By-laws are the registered rules and regulations adopted by an owners corporation (also known as the body corporate) that all owners and tenants living within a strata property must follow.
Strata levies (also known as body corporate fees or owners corporation fees) are fees all owners pay towards the upkeep of the property. The levies cover the property’s running costs, and are set by the owners. There are a lot of misconceptions about strata levies, so it is helpful to know how these fees work and why they are important.
The owners corporation is responsible for overseeing and managing the property’s communal areas and shared functions. As part of this entity, you have a say in how the property is managed, how the finances are utilised and what property rules (also known as by-laws) are implemented.
The titles may sound similar, but these managers have different roles and areas of responsibility. A community manager (also known as a strata manager or body corporate manager) oversees the administration of the property. The building manager (also known as the caretaker or facilities manager) looks after the day-to-day maintenance of common property areas of the building.

What does a community manager do?

The community manager (also known as a strata manager or body corporate manager) carries out a range of financial and administrative duties. It is a common misconception that a community manager has the power to make decisions on behalf of the owners. The community manager works at the direction of the committee.

What does a well run scheme look like?

The goal for most strata properties is to enhance their overall value and create a community that people enjoy living in. It is important to understand what that actually looks like. Indicators that you are living in a well-run strata property include levies being paid on time and owners understanding how decisions are made.