Call for NSW Govt to support apartment owners

Call for NSW Govt to support apartment owners

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Following the Victorian Government’s pledge of $600 million to fund rectification works on hundreds of buildings with high-risk cladding, the pressure is mounting on NSW to follow suit.

Strata Community Australia (NSW) President, Chris Duggan, says they are taking hundreds of calls a day from concerned strata residents who are demanding action.

He says the State Government needs to put a funding package on the table off the back of the Federal and State Building and Construction Ministers’ meeting this week in Sydney.

“There is a two million strong strata army in NSW that wants us to take the lead and to restore confidence in the apartment, unit and townhouse sector.

“People like the owners of Mascot Towers have been caught up in this mess. This mess centres around Federal, State Government and local authority approvals of building products, certification and processes.

“This requires direct intervention by the Premier. She moved quickly on assistance for Mascot Towers and now two million strata stakeholders are turning to her for help,” says Mr Duggan.

As a long-standing member of SCA NSW and entrusted by tens of thousands of apartment owners in NSW through our local brand Strata Title Management, Smarter Communities supports SCA NSW’s directive and is keen to see NSW follow Victoria’s lead in pledging support to those affected through no fault of their own.

It is important to give power back to unsuspecting apartment owners and make those responsible accountable. Fix what’s been broken and put measures in place to prevent this from happening in future builds.

For further information visit SCA NSW.

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