Caring and sharing – spread Christmas cheer

Caring and sharing – spread Christmas cheer

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Time to get the spirit of Christmas into your community

If we’re being honest, we’re probably all a little guilty of not fully embracing the spirit of Christmas like we used to. It’s just that as we grow older our work commitments or studies and our family life can be time consuming. Time stands still for nobody.

And it’s different living in apartments. I know my immediate neighbours, but I don’t know who lives on the levels above and below me. Sure, we smile and exchange courteous greetings at the lift and letterbox, but that’s about it.

This year I’m determined to do things differently. The silly season is approaching quickly and yes, work and family commitments are still very much hectic, but I’m going to make the time to be festive, not only in my home but also in my home community.

There’s a meme on social media I saw that will always stick with me: Be kind. Always. For everyone is fighting some kind a battle that you know nothing about.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel special, Christmas time included. Restoring the Christmas spirit around my home may just help in more ways than you know.

Help to create harmony with your community

It doesn’t need to be a huge affair, so why not arrange with your neighbours to meet on common property for a few hours to celebrate the spirit of the holiday season?

BYO deck chair and beverages but take a plate of nibbles for all to share.

It’s not uncommon for strata communities to have a social get together every now and then. It helps to create a genuine communal atmosphere and helps you to meet other neighbours.

In fact, some owners corporations contribute towards the nibbles so before you throw away your shopping receipts, check with your committee about possible reimbursement.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

The planning won’t happen by itself and it will take some initiative from some owners to organise the social gathering. But it won’t be difficult to do.

Even if it’s just a few owners that show up the first time, quantity doesn’t matter. If you meet just one more neighbour you didn’t know you had, then surely it’s a worthwhile community event.

Anyway, it’s quality that matters, not quantity, and you never know… you may just need help one day and wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’ve got friends as neighbours living all around you to help you.

From all of us to you… have yourself a very merry Christmas.

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