Ernst wins SCA QLD Strata Awards

Ernst wins SCA QLD Strata Awards

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Strata Community Manager of the Year award

After entering in the same category in 2020, this year Rikki Slaughter, Ernst Gold Coast Strata Community Manager, won the prestigious Strata Community Manager of the Year award at the recent SCA Queensland Awards for Excellence ceremony.

Rikki is an outstanding, highly experienced manager with all-round expertise. She has an enviable reputation not only within the Smarter Communities family, but within the strata industry and with clients alike.

Not shy of a challenge, Rikki embraced the demanding workload of managing some of the largest building management groups on the Gold Coast, with exceptional results.

And it’s not just the committee members she works with who are quick to sing her praises. It’s the apartment owners. Such trusting relationships Rikki develops with her clients, she now calls so many of them her friends.

“I believe that getting to know your clients on a personal level, taking the time to appreciate the life they live outside of being the chairperson of their building, is extremely important and valuable.

“My clients have described me as being passionate, pro-active, knowledgeable, dedicated, helpful, timely and a good communicator. That’s incredibly humbling. Just knowing I’m making a difference to my clients’ lives in strata is rewarding and I’m extremely proud of it,” said Rikki.

Chairman of a reputable apartment complex – and a dear client – says Rikki has shown a solid understanding of complex issues dealing with body corporate matters and she possesses strong resilience.

“Rikki has shown herself to be personable and professional and has worked through difficult circumstances to achieve her goals.

“She is inquisitive and determined, and approaches challenges in a focused manner. She works collaboratively and openly shares her ideas with others on the committee.

“Rikki has been a highly capable and valued individual for the Palazzo Colonnades Committee and should be commended on her positive and mature approach to her work ethics,” said the chairman.

In response to her well-deserved kudos, Rikki admits having a passion for strata is a quality she considers crucial for such success.

“Providing high level service in the strata industry is somewhat of an expectation by owners.

“Over delivering in an industry where such high levels of service are expected is extremely difficult. My personal goal is to always exceed my clients’ expectations. To me, that’s what it means to be an effective Community Manager.”

Support Team Member award

Joining Rikki on the winner’s podium was Ernst’s Technical Trainer, Jevon Taane, who took home the Support Team Member award. Jevon was also a finalist in 2020.

Jevon’s role as Technical Trainer plays an integral part within the business and the wider Smarter Communities group. He works alongside his colleagues to determine the best way to improve certain tasks whilst benefiting his team, their clients and the business.

Jevon has a deep understanding of strata and what needs to be achieved. He simplifies both internal and external processes so tasks become less time consuming for staff but more appealing for clients. And the beauty of his role is he can conduct training or refresher courses instantly or by appointment when required.

Jevon’s devotion to sincerely wanting to make the strata world a better place is infectious and endearing. He wholeheartedly is focussed on guiding his colleagues to reach their goals, ultimately to be the most sought-after community managers in Queensland.

As an experienced trainer he provides the essential tools they need to improve and be recognised for their achievements. This year was Jevon’s year to be recognised for his outstanding achievements.

A year our achievements

In fact, 2021 was Ernst’s year. Ernst was finalist for the Large Strata Community Management Business Award. An exceptional achievement in a highly contested category, Ernst earned its place in the finals and is proud of its 4.6 out of 5 stars ranking from 280 reviews on Product Review.

Ernst Gold Coast Community Manager, Gloria Ginley, was also a worthy finalist for her submission in the essay award category.

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