From red brick to apartment lifts and rooftop gardens

From red brick to apartment lifts and rooftop gardens

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When local strata manager, Cassie Gallo, was just a youngster she vividly remembers apartment fashion around the Gong.

“Wollongong was just like a country town when I was growing up,” she recalls.

According to Cassie, Strata Community Manager with Strata Title Management (STM), the most common style of apartment blocks were red brick boxes of three floors high with three flights of gruelling staircases.

“The Novotel was the biggest building in town.”

But just like mobile phones have evolved over time – thank goodness! – so too has the style of apartment blocks visible around the Gong today.

And with the growing population of residents seeking this form of housing in the region, it was just a matter of time before builders and developers modernised their apartment building offerings.

Statistics from ABS Census findings show there has been a considerable swing from separate housing demands to those wanting to live in medium and high-density dwellings.

No doubt to satisfy the demand from owners and investors turning to the Gong for a sea change and change of pace.

Although, as Cassie points out, it’s becoming increasingly more like Sydney every year with more restaurants and shops, high rises and traffic.

No stranger to Sydney traffic, Cassie commuted from the Gong to the Sutherland Shire for over three years to STM South’s office located in Taren Point.

We’re new to the Gong but we’re locals

When STM branched south to open its sixth office located Wollongong, Cassie jumped at the opportunity to work locally. Not only to cut down on her travelling time by more than 2 hours a day both ways – which she says is amazing – but so she could bring her diverse high-rise portfolio experience to her hometown.

“The Company expansion has provided staff with fantastic opportunities. We are all Gong locals here so we have the benefit of local knowledge with the crucial experience of managing a wide range of different style and sized properties in the city.”

Joining Cassie in the new STM office is Branch Manager and Licensee, Dan Goodwin, and Julie Rethmann as Assistant Community Manager. Both Dan and Julie have extensive strata experience with the added benefit of knowing the local environment.

“Between all of us combined, our hands-on strata experience and local knowledge is extremely strong. We’re excited to be able to offer our services here in our hometown,” says Cassie.

With so many new developments, and plenty of existing apartment buildings, the demand from owners is also growing for trusted advice and good service at an economical price.

“STM is able to provide all of these functions and provide them well. We may be new to Wollongong but STM has been around since 1978. The accumulated strata knowledge and experience my colleagues around the state has is very impressive.

“It was STM’s longevity and success in the industry that inspired me to apply to work there. I was fortunate to have worked in Taren Point but even more lucky to be now working virtually at home.

“I can leave the office and be at the beach in less time than it takes to order a coffee in peak hour in the city,” says Cassie.

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