Getting creative with your storage

Getting creative with your storage

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Those looking to extend their storage capacity need look no further than boats or aeroplanes for inspiration.

Due to limitations on the sea or in the air, the talented designers behind these variations of vehicles have had to think smart when it comes to allocating storage space that provides both form and function in confined areas.

These designers figured out pretty swiftly that one of the best things you can do to maximise storage when designing for a space with a small footprint is to plan ahead to ensure you are making the most of every available element.

We picked the brain of numerous clever designers to share their best quick fix solutions for those seeking creative ways of extending their unit, townhouse or apartment’s storage capabilities.

Invest in multi-functional furniture

A wall bed or fold out sofa bed, or a dining table that doubles as an office desk is all very well when you’re after a quick fix solution when you don’t have a second bedroom or suitable office space. But in order to create a true multi-functional space, it’s important to focus beyond the obvious.

Wall beds are a clever, compact solution when space is limited. They are practical and easily convert from a desk, bookshelf or wall in a matter of seconds.

The Ransa sofa is another great example of utilising space. Not only does it provide a comfy spot to unwind but its nifty bottom shelf can double as a bookcase.

Along similar lines is the Don Vino wine table. This clever but costly table also functions as a wine display cabinet, able to accommodate up to 16 bottles.

Consider pocket doors

In tight confines standard swinging doors take up a significant amount of space. Pocket doors are a great alternative. Essentially just a sliding door that disappears, when fully open, into a compartment in the adjacent wall, not only do pocket doors help to separate zones when space is tight but they also aesthetically pleasing and free up room for you to add storage or add shelving units.

Over bonnet storage solutions

Those of us fortunate to have parking entitlements with our unit, apartment or townhouse know only too well that once a car is parked in that space, there’s little room for anything else – particularly when that car space is surrounded by dozens, sometimes hundreds of similar open plan car spots.

With this in mind, there are a number of over bonnet storage products on the market that seek to help strata residents capitalise on their existing space. With the appearance of a storage locker on stilts, the over bonnet storage cabinets offer an additional secure storage option while also helping to preserve your possessions and opening up opportunities to create designated storage spaces in the main strata residence.

You will need to check your by-laws regarding this solution though, so best contact your Community Manager first before purchasing.

Cheap and cheerful space saving hacks

  • Store key bathroom products – such as hair clips, hair ties, toothbrushes and tooth paste in a cutlery organiser to help keep the amount of draw space required to a minimum.
  • Double the amount of wardrobe space you have available by adding old beer or soft drink can tabs around the neck of coat hangers.
  • Put your washer and clothes dryer on top of a sturdy bookshelf placed lengthways to use as additional storage space to sort your washing.
  • Get rid of the knife block taking up crucial bench space by adding a length of magnetic strip to your wall.
  • Create more space under your kitchen or laundry sink by cutting up a curtain rod in which to hang your spray bottles.

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