Good service knows no boundaries when it comes to size

Good service knows no boundaries when it comes to size

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Wouldn’t it be nice to know that no matter how big or small you are in the grand scheme of a service provider’s clientele that size really doesn’t matter? You are you and THAT is what matters.

Ask Haydn, because that’s the kind of service he has received from his strata community manager, Alexandra, for over 8 years.

Haydn has been a Bondi Beach local since the 80s and loves the location of his apartment. It’s a small apartment block close to the beach with all the benefits of eastern suburbs living just a stone’s throw away.

But the Bondi landscape has certainly changed over the years and sadly, the long-term resident community is slowly moving away from the beach strip – away from the backpacker party scene and high-density hostels that are taking over established parts of Bondi.

Determined not to succumb to the noisy, inconsiderate ways of Bondi visitors just yet, Haydn relies on the support, advice and guidance from Alexandra to ‘run a common-sense ship’ and look after his home.

“Even though it’s a small block of 4 apartments there’s still so much work in maintaining the building, arranging insurances and caring for the grounds. Alexandra just gets on with it. She’s an honest operator and when we can’t have what we want, like when the law gets in the way, she’ll always offer a compromise,” says Haydn.

“She does a great job dealing with difficult neighbour issues, with constant parking nightmares and the non-stop partying noise and mess. She treads a minefield of diplomacy, always, even when the rest of us don’t want to.

Alexandra’s efficiency has reinforced this owners corporation’s decision to enlist the services of a strata manager and has saved them time, money and potential legal difficulties in staying compliant with ever changing strata legislation.

Alexandra deals with the various personalities in this particular block and regularly deals with the highly emotional and charged situations inherent of strata living.

“We have seen Alexandra deal with a number of situations, from the truly mundane to the more serious of situations which required immediate action. She always remains calm and reassuring, is courteous and efficient.”

A good sense of humour is an essential component in establishing a good, mutually respected working relationship.

“When in doubt, a smile or laugh can be very remedial,” says Haydn.

“In a company the size of STM, we are just one small block. Yet there is no sense that we are small and of little importance to the company.”

In fact, quite the contrary. “We are very happy with the service Alexandra provides. Her skill set is extremely valuable, something much sought after in today’s commercial world.”

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