Help shape the future of strata in NSW

Help shape the future of strata in NSW

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Do you live, own or rent an apartment, townhouse or villa in NSW?

More than one million people either live or work in strata schemes across NSW. And as community living continues to increase in popularity, that number will continue to grow as our population grows.

Migrants, retirees, singles, couples, families, professionals, investors… our commonality is that we have chosen to live or invest in strata.

It’s now time to review the laws that regulate NSW strata schemes and the NSW Government is asking for our help to improve the experience for everyone either working or living in strata.

The laws under review are the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 and the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015. The review will cover various areas of interest such as managing common property, resolving disputes, by-laws including animals, committee and owners corporation meetings as well as strata development including strata renewal, mixed-use schemes and much more.

The feedback we provide will help the NSW Government make sure the laws are effective and fair for people living and working in strata.

You can take part by completing a quick poll, completing the survey or both. Visit the NSW Government’s Have Your Say website to join the conversation about shaping the future of strata.

You can also read a discussion paper that gives more detail on the review of strata schemes laws.

Public consultation will end on 7 March 2021. All submissions will be considered and a report on the review will be tabled in Parliament by November 2021.

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