Indoor oasis in your apartment

Indoor oasis in your apartment

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When I think of summer, I picture our beautiful beaches and endless coastlines around the country. I can feel the hot sand under my feed as I sprint on tiptoes towards the trees for cooling relief.

To me, summer screams palm trees. And not necessarily the giant kind like we watched being transplanted into the front garden of the 1950s home on The Block this season, but small, dainty ones that we can grow in our small homes.

The beauty of the palm species is there are numerous varieties that are more than happy to thrive indoors. And when you pot them you can move them around to suit or take them with you when you move. Perfect for renters.

Tips for looking after your palm

  • Choose the right species to best suit your space. Speak with your local nursery or garden sales assistant for help in selecting the ideal plant for you.
  • Purchase quality soil that stays damp and doesn’t drain too quickly. Be careful not to overfill with soil, leave a few centimetres from the top of the pot. If water drains away quickly, be mindful not to overwater as you may run risk of unintentionally rotting the plant. If you poke your finger in the soil and it’s dry, then your palm needs a drink.
  • Feed your palm with a water-soluble fertiliser roughly four times a year. Be sure not to overfeed, it will cause more damage than good.
  • Find a warm, sunny position in your apartment for your palm. Near a window or glass door would be ideal. Palms don’t really love air conditioners or heaters that remove moisture from the air. They’ll show you if they’re not getting enough light or moisture. If the tips of the leaves go brown, try finding a sunnier position.
  • Wipe your palm leaves regularly to remove any dust and to check for pests. If you notice little tiny dots on the leaves, try wiping with soapy water to remove. If this doesn’t rid the bugs, you may need a trip to the nursery for suitable pest control.

If you have a balcony, take your palm outside to enjoy some sunshine every so often. Just like us, they’ll appreciate the fresh air and natural light. They say a change of scenery is as good as a holiday.

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