Managing strata using corporate values

Managing strata using corporate values

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Company values. Most businesses have them, but management don’t always write them. Agencies do. So staff don’t always know them let alone enforce them. And often they sit on a shelf collecting dust, or in a share drive left unnoticed and unactioned.

That’s not the case at one of Australia’s leading strata management companies, Smarter Communities. And it’s certainly not the case at our state brands including Ernst Body Corporate Management, Adelaide Strata & Community Management (ASCM), Victoria Body Corporate Services (VBCS), Strata Title Management (STM) and Challenge Strata Management.

Our group executive leadership team wrote our corporate values, and all staff know them. Each office around the country displays them and they’re even on our website.

Collaboration. Curiosity. Honesty. Quality.

It’s one thing to have company values in print, but it’s quite another to provide real case studies of how we live and breathe these values as we go above and beyond in our daily business.


Working jointly with others leads to greater innovation, efficient processes, increased success and improved communication.

After taking over the management of a 12-lot property, and after a property inspection, it was evident the property was in dire need of major remedial works.

Smarter Communities brought in its team of engineers and contractors, free of charge, to provide the Committee an in-depth analysis of the works required, quotes to complete these projects and an achievable timeframe.

Action, not words. Collaboration with all stakeholders is vital to get results.


Our desire to learn and grow. Curiosity increases mind strength, allowing greater innovation and vision for new ideas.

When taking over management of a new strata community, viewing the property’s historic files can be time consuming, particularly if there are numerous archive boxes full of material. But this is an essential and valuable task, and its where curiosity comes into play.

Managers often receive conflicting information when speaking with different owners at a newly acquired property. This is why keeping accurate records on file is vital.

By digging through minutes and correspondence, then making notes of our own, we create a clear picture of what owners want, what didn’t work well with previous manager, then develop actions to put into place to ensure this doesn’t occur again.


Key component of our moral character representing honourable attributes such as integrity, truthfulness and fairness.

To compete with well-established strata companies, some strata operators take desperate measures to capture new business. Usually by offering owners corporations or bodies corporate with a ridiculously low management rate.

When approached by a Committee president seeking to appoint us as their scheme’s preferred manager, they wanted us to match this insanely low competitor quote. We politely explained why we declined to match dollar value.

When Smarter Communities is appointed to manage a property, we adopt a holistic approach to strata management. Our service offerings and pricing are highly competitive within the market. Quality service is worth the investment. In other words, if you pay a low rate you will receive low-level service.


Critical in satisfying our customers and retaining loyalty. We provide a quality service and deliver high quality results.

The word quality has many meanings. It can be defined as a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something. Or the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; ultimately, the degree of excellence of something.

In business, quality can be defined as the superiority of something. Being a suitable measure to satisfy customer expectations.

In strata management, quality can be measured in many ways. Quality managers. Quality service offered to customers. Superior knowledge of the intricacies of strata law and regulations. Ability to adapt with the times and evolve. But more importantly, a well-established business that has enjoyed strata highs and survived any lows.

All of these define a quality business. Smarter Communities, and all our brands, represent quality.

Collectively, we are united by one vision – to deliver smart solutions to create a better lifestyle for people living and invested in communities.

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The information provided is a general guide only and is not intended as a substitute for legal advice. The company disclaims all responsibility and liability for any expenses, losses, damages, and costs which might be incurred as a result of the information provided by the company.

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