New code applies to NSW short term rentals

New code applies to NSW short term rentals

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Thanks to technology, never has it been easier to book short term accommodation options online anywhere virtually in the world.

But without hard rules in place many abused this system, causing headache and heartache for long term residents living in popular strata buildings.

As at 18 December 2020 the NSW Government introduced new laws imposing new obligations on short term rental booking platforms, letting agents, hosts and guests.

The new mandatory Code of Conduct for the Short-term Rental Accommodation Industry is now in force.

The Code creates new minimum standards of behaviour and requirements for all participants. That includes booking platforms, letting agents, hosts and guests.

Penalties may be applicable for code breaches.

The Code also outlines new disciplinary actions that NSW Fair Trading can take, such as listing non-compliant participants on an exclusion register.

For further details regarding the new Code of Conduct or by-laws relating to short term letting, contact your Strata Community Manager or visit NSW Fair Trading.

Further changes to planning laws will come into effect in mid-2021, including a new planning policy that applies consistent regulation of the use of premises for short-term rental accommodation across the whole state of NSW.

A short-term rental accommodation premises register is also under development for commencement in mid-2021.

Hosts must register their premises once that obligation is mandated by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and the register becomes available online.

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has more information.

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