Transforming the process of Roof inspections for Strata Buildings

Transforming the process of Roof inspections for Strata Buildings

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Roof inspections pose significant challenges for strata managers, particularly in the aftermath of catastrophes or when assessing damages. Safety concerns, the sheer scale of the roof area, difficult-to-access areas, and time constraints are just a few hurdles they face. Traditional inspection methods often fall short in effectively addressing these challenges.

In the past, builders and roofers would need to access the roof area multiple times to inspect, measure, and report on damage. CHU Inspect utilises drone technology to dramatically reduce costs and time, enhance safety, and increase the accuracy and level of detail captured for reporting and rectification purposes.

Introducing CHU Inspect, using state of the art technology to dramatically improve roof inspection processes.

CHU Inspect harnesses state-of-the-art drone technology combined with LiDAR 3D scanning to revolutionise the way the industry conducts roof inspections.

Advancements in drone hardware technology have led to significant improvements in image quality, flight duration, and data processing capabilities. This results in highly detailed 2D and 3D models that can be generated rapidly, including precise roof measurements and pitch information. With CHU Inspect, these models serve practical purposes such as expediting the tendering process, ensuring quote accuracy, and minimizing variations in project scopes.

One of the key features of CHU Inspect is its built-in artificial intelligence (AI), enabling quick and accurate assessment of large roof areas. By analysing captured data, the software can identify and locate damages with precision and accuracy. This functionality streamlines the inspection process, allowing building assessors to focus their attention where it’s needed most and providing insurers and building owners with detailed reports outlining the type and extent of damages.

CHU Inspects user-friendly interface makes it easy for stakeholders to navigate through inspection reports and understand the findings. This level of clarity and transparency not only facilitates decision-making but also fosters trust between insurers, strata managers, and property owners.

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