Who can park where?

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The owners corporation can control parking on common property by using signage, security guards, key card systems or parking barriers.

Where owners can park

Owners and residents are only allowed to park in the spaces allocated to them. They cannot use parking for visitors or emergency vehicles. They should check that their lot entitlement includes a car space.

If there is no space, they can apply for a common property rights by-law which will allow them to park on common property.

Visitor parking

Signs should state how long visitors can park in the visitors’ spaces. If there are no signs, visitors can park there for a reasonable time.

Parking by-laws

Most strata schemes have by-laws on parking. If they are breached, penalties apply.

  • The owners corporation serves a notice on an owner or occupier to comply with the by-law being breached.
  • If the by-law is breached after this, the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal can order a person to pay a penalty.
    If the by-law is breached again within 12 months, the penalty can double

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