Advocating for apartment owners nationally

Advocating for apartment owners nationally

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When you meet people who love the apartment lifestyle as much as we do, and are passionate about educating and improving this lifestyle, we naturally wanted to align with them.

Our good friend at Australian Apartment Advocacy (AAA), Samantha Reece, is a strong believer in educating apartment owners on what to look out for when purchasing or living in an apartment.

The organisation recently launched the Victorian Apartment Buyer and Owner Education Kit. This new guide provides existing and future apartment owners with an easy A-to-Z buyer’s guide on what to look out for when buying or living in an apartment, including defects.

The Apartment Buyer and Owner Education Kit would have been a handy reference for two Victorian apartment owners who appeared on A Current Affair this week regarding building defects.

Ms Reece explains how her Apartment Buyer and Owner Education Kit could help educate future owners what to look out for, and provide tips for any existing apartment owners.

For further information, visit the Australian Apartment Advocacy. And as always, if you have any queries, contact your designated Community Manager.

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