How will changes to strata impact you?

How will changes to strata impact you?

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In a recent online forum, apartment owners heard from Smarter Communities’ state leaders as they shared their insights into strata legislation changes and how these will impact owners corporations and bodies corporate around the country.

In short 10-minute presentations for each State, learn more about what’s happening in your State below:


For Ernst Body Corporate Management and Challenge Strata Management owners and residents, hear from Queensland State Manager, Adam Stankevicius, as he discusses:

  • Proposed Rental Reform Laws and how this may affect you as an investor, owner occupier or committee member
  • Minimum housing standards
  • Renting with pets

New South Wales

For Strata Title Management (STM) clients, State Manager Emily Doherty talks about raising professional standards in strata including:

  • Strata Community Association (NSW) collaboration with the NSW Government
  • NSW Professional Standards Scheme
  • New Code of Ethics
  • Professional Standards Distinction

South Australia

Adelaide Strata & Community Management (ASCM) clients will hear from Senior Community Manager & previous State Manager, Adrian Roach, as he discusses industry updates affecting owners including:

  • South Australia’s Strata and Community Titles Acts and Legislations
  • Recent changes to strata law
  • Strata Community Association (SCA) contributions
  • Desired future changes to benefit owners


Victoria Body Corporate Services (VBCS) clients should tune in to hear Executive General Manager and strata industry veteran, Richard Eastwood, discuss amendments to the Owners Corporation Act 2006 including:

  • Tiered Structure
  • Accounting, Financials and Audits
  • Maintenance Plan
  • Committees and Decision Making
  • Litigation and Rules
  • Insurance
  • Sustainability
  • Abandoned Goods

Apartment Living Survey Results

The state owners forums were held in conjunction with Australian Apartment Advocacy (AAA) and the launch of the 2021 Apartment Living survey results.
From 3,600 survey responses received, data findings reveal the impact of COVID, owner satisfaction and referral levels, as well as what owners would likely buy next.
The presentation by AAA Director, Samantha Reece, covers the national Apartment Living survey results. To obtain a detailed copy of the research results for each State, please contact Samantha at

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