Caring is quite literally sharing

Caring is quite literally sharing

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As a business we have all adapted extremely well and very quickly to the new norm of working remotely.

While we’re still not back in our offices, and we communicate daily via video calls, it’s only natural we have a closer bond with our colleagues and their homes, their children and definitely their pets.

Staying apart really has brought us closer together.

Food is another interest we have bonded over in these strange times we find ourselves in.

Whether it’s lunchtime bragging rights over home cooked meals or the yummy treats we often see teamed with a cup of coffee over a meeting, the rivalry can be fierce.

From super foods helping to get through energy sapping afternoon lows or the lure of VBCS State Manager Peter Davies wife’s famous lemon slice. Either way, it is fun seeing what’s helping to keep our colleagues sane during lock down.

In fact, Peter’s wife’s lemon slice looked so good virtually during an online meeting that his colleague, Dee, commented how enticing it looked and unconsciously was staring at the delightful delicacy.

Within minutes of the meeting drawing to a close, some lemon slice was packaged up and en route to Dee’s house.

Adhering to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ strict rules banning exercise that is further than 5km from home, the lemon slice appeared in its admirer’s letterbox a short time later. No rules were broken, and we can ensure a contactless delivery was completed.

Needless to say, Dee was delighted with her afternoon snack and overwhelmed by Peter’s kind gesture. That’s what we call teamwork.

Despite being physically distanced – our afternoon tea, or any treat for that matter within 5km, can be shared.

And for that we, and our tastebuds, are grateful.

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