Free online summit for strata property owners

Free online summit for strata property owners

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In a world first, Sydney-based strata lawyer, Amanda Farmer, will be hosting the Shared Space Summit, a free online conference specifically for strata property owners.

Over 4 days, Amanda will interview world-leading experts on community, property and law.

Our good friend Sam Reece from Australian Apartment Advocacy (AAA) will be a guest speaker at Amanda’s summit.

Sam is incredibly passionate about promoting the apartment lifestyle. She lobbies government on behalf of owners and genuinely provides a strong voice for those who choose to live in apartments. She’s the apartment advocator you want on your side.

Amanda’s guest experts will cover topics such as:

  • What it means to build a “trust bank” and why strata committees need one.
  • How to ensure the right buyers are lining up for an apartment in your building, not the one down the street.
  • The essential legislative reform that you missed earlier this year, and what else is on the horizon.
  • How COVID has changed the nature of strata management – across the world – for the better.
  • How to prepare your home for a more sustainable future, even if there’s no money in the capital works fund.

The Shared Space Summit is absolutely free BUT you do need to register to get access when the summit kicks off on 15 September. Further details will be released to those who have secured their ticket closer to the date.

Never before has so many experts participated virtually – for free – to benefit Australian strata property owners. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and secure your free ticket by registering for the Shared Space Summit.

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