Staff party raises money for The Smith Family

Staff party raises money for The Smith Family

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To say the third time’s a charm is an understatement.

After two cancellations of our end-of-year company function due to covid restrictions, the teams from Strata Title Management and Smarter Communities finally caught up last Friday at Kitty Hawk to celebrate Merry March.

Our Christmas party had been a long time coming but was worth the wait. Being able to socialise with colleagues again for the first time in twelve months ago was priceless.

But what was also priceless was being able to help those less fortunate.

Each year many of our generous business partners donate beautiful hampers and seasonal gifts to our teams. Our company wide policy is to auction these gifts to staff at our end-of-year functions to raise money for charity.

That’s right, we don’t keep the bottles of wine or hampers we receive. We auction them. And only if we have the successful bid are we able to take them home.

This year our Sydney Merry March function raised a whopping $8,325 for The Smith Family!

Yes, that’s a massive $8,000+ raised through the generosity of our team members who enjoy the competitiveness of out bidding each other, our partners for sending us these kind gifts, and our very own senior business development manager, Stella McWiggan, who donated stunning bespoke jewellery pieces from her own business to auction.

Our fearless auctioneers, Daniel Goodwin and Tim Miller, performed outstandingly by keeping the competitive spirit alive and the atmosphere full of laughter whilst auctioning off sought-after goods.

There’s no better feeling than when our community joins forces to help others and we couldn’t have raised this amount with you all. A heartfelt thank you from all at Smarter Communities and Strata Title Management.

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