Congratulations to our Victorian award finalists

Congratulations to our Victorian award finalists

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Each year Strata Community Australia (SCA) invites submissions from strata businesses, suppliers and individuals in each state to compete for widespread recognition via its annual award ceremonies.

But last year in Victoria, after such an extraordinary year with pandemic lock downs and restrictions, the SCA (VIC) Pillar Awards for Excellence ceremony was held in December as a virtual event instead of its annual gala dinner.

SCA (VIC)’s Pillar Awards provide an opportunity to recognise and celebrate excellence in the strata industry. The awards acknowledge businesses and individuals who are passionate about strata, excel amongst their peers and significantly contribute to the strata industry.

Finalists in the individual award categories are collaborative, ethical and innovative leaders who are focused on developing themselves and their businesses. Award finalists in the business categories are active industry contributors, well respected, and influential members of the strata community.

Congratulations to our Victorian finalists

In 2020 there were 11 categories: 7 for individuals and 4 for strata businesses. VBCS were fortunate to have been named as finalists in three categories.

  • VBCS – Large Strata Community Management Business
  • Peter Davies, State Manager – Essay Award
  • Madeline Fawke, Customer Service Team Leader – Support Team Member
Victoria Body Corporate Services (VBCS) is a founding member of the SCA (VIC) and has a strong presence across a diverse range of residential, commercial, hotels, heritage and mixed-used properties throughout Victoria.
With almost 40 years of evolving Owners Corporation (OC) experience, VBCS has endured the highs and lows of the strata industry and continues its focus on adopting innovative strata standards and delivering forward-thinking and profitable solutions for its clients.
VBCS has invested heavily in technological enhancements over the past 12 months and both staff and clients have experienced the positives from these investments. Administrative pain points have been removed from community manager workloads, freeing up invaluable time to spend managing communities.
VBCS State Manager, Peter Davies, says it was an honour to be shortlisted as a finalist in such a highly sought category.
A well-respected strata veteran, Peter was named as a finalist in the essay category for his thesis on Strata in Victoria – 2020, a Year of Change and Technological Progress.
“The events of 2020 have impacted us in so many ways and on so many levels that it is almost beyond comprehension.
“For strata, one of the biggest and most challenging – and at the same time most entertaining – impacts was our very rapid and unprecedented transition to virtual meetings.
“In all the meetings I’ve attended over the years I don’t recall ever closing a meeting in the manner we do now. But it’s 2021 and this is the new norm. Now we all wave goodbye to each other.
“The meetings may be virtual but in my experience they are more community minded than ever before.
“We’ve certainly seen some benefits from the pandemic. Let’s continue to seize these opportunities for change and make them a positive thing for our industry, our clients and for ourselves.
“I’m so proud of the entire VBCS team. How they quickly adapted to change and conducted business as usual under trying circumstances was a credit to all of them. We were finalists, but we were winners too,” said Peter.

Madeline Fawke, Customer Service Team Leader

Madeline’s customer service team comprises of seven staff to manage compliance, insurances, updates and changes of ownership, key distribution, and reception duties for VBCS.

They are a tight knit team and play a major role in assisting community managers fulfil their duties with their clients. They work behind the scenes, but without them community manager workloads would be far more demanding, time consuming and complicated.

Madeline’s team is like the design crew behind the scenes in a fashion show. They organise the clothing, the hair and makeup, shoes and accessories, fix things in record time if they’re broken, absorb their fair share of pressure, then send the model (the community managers) out on the runway fully prepared and looking a million dollars.

No one in that fashion show audience – being the owners corporations – would be none the wiser of what it takes behind the scenes to get the community manager out to their meetings to support, manage and maintain their communities.

And that’s how Madeline knows she’s doing her job well.

As team leader Madeline project manages the stress of the action behind the scenes, as well as managing her team and their workloads to maintain an achievable flow of work.

“What I learnt during the pandemic was that people react differently to change. Some need more support and mentoring than others and that’s ok.

“My team’s mental well-being was a key priority for me because without them performing to their best the domino affect would have hit the managers, then the clients. That wasn’t an option.

“At the end of the day I want to inspire my team, and everyone in business, to love their job as much as I do. We’re lucky to have jobs and fortunate to be employed with a caring company. I love what I do,” said Madeline.

We love what you do too Madeline. And on behalf of the Smarter Communities family we couldn’t be prouder of our Victorian colleagues for their well-deserved recognition. Congratulations Team VBCS.

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