When neighbours become real friends

When neighbours become real friends

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If the past 12 months has taught us anything it’s the importance of having a dependable network of people around us who we can turn to when we need a little help.

Take the pandemic conditions for example. We may not be able to reach out to our friends and family if they live a distance away. But we could go next door, upstairs, downstairs or along the corridor to check in on our neighbours.

Neighbour Day, held on the last Sunday of March each year, is all about building better relationships with the people who live around us.

In strata communities like ours, neighbours are so important because good relationships with others can literally transform communities for the better.

Having meaningful social connections with others can help to prevent loneliness and depression.

Relationships Australia has been managing the Neighbour Day campaign since 2013. The campaign aims to bring like-minded people, resources, and organisations together to develop strong, well-connected communities.

Smarter Communities has a similar mindset.

Through our companies ASCM, Challenge, Ernst, STM and VBCS we work closely with owners to create and maintain resilient communities which are welcoming, kind, supportive and inclusive.

Neighbour Day is a yearly reminder of the importance of community connection. But it is our own responsibility to acknowledge this and participate in creating well-connected communities.

It’s not surprising that research has shown that people living in communities which are highly connected overall enjoy higher levels of physical and mental health. We saw splashed all over social media the kind gestures of neighbours helping each other out during lock down, and we’re seeing that again now with the recent floods. That’s the kind of community we all strive for, right?

Every day should be Neighbour Day – an important reminder about developing healthy relationships within our communities, and the promotion of good mental and physical health with one another.

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