The NSW deadline for combustible cladding is February 22

The NSW deadline for combustible cladding is February 22

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As most strata owners would now be aware, NSW laws regarding the registration of combustible external cladding used on buildings is now in effect.

These laws have been adopted following London’s Grenfell Tower tragedy which highlighted the use of combustible cladding on buildings here in Australia.

Owners of particular buildings are required to undertake an assessment of the materials used on external walls of their building and report these findings to the NSW Government by February 22.

Buildings required to register include:

  • with 2 or more stories above the ground;
  • an apartment building, hotel, motel, boarding house, hostel backpackers, residential parts of a school or accommodation buildings for children, the elderly or people with a disability, an aged care building or healthcare building, hospital, clinic or day surgery, school, university, childcare centre, sporting facility, cinemas, nightclub or public transport building;
  • a building with either metal composite panels or insulated cladding system on any part of its external walls or another external area of the building, or if you are unaware of the type of material used in the building.

STM has taken action

For peace of mind of our NSW clients, STM has engaged the services of Solutions In Engineering (SIE) to undertake building inspections. STM will facilitate the registration process as only one registration per building is required. Individual owners need not take any action. And as this is now NSW Government legislation, there is no option to opt out.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact your Community Manager on (02) 9266 2600.

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